When it comes to naming your 3D objects, Texture maps, Materials etc it is important and helpful to go about this the right way from the very beginning because naming an image zzzz.jpg does not explain what the image contains and looking for it later can be problematic, The same goes for everything else you need to name. When ever I’m creating a 3D object or image it often takes me some time to find out what the object or the parts it is made from are called and google images is essential for this. Of course you will already know many thousands of things already and I don’t need to tell you what a “horse” is. But when it comes down to components of objects the devil is in the details. If you are making a car, chances are that unless you are an car enthusiast or work in the industry you may not know the names of the parts a car is made from. so i have decided to make an ongoing list of objects, animals, things? so you can just copy and paste the word into google images to make sure that the item you are working on is called exactly what it is.I would like to make my own images for this section and occasionally i will but that all takes a lot of time. I thought about creating this list after working on a 3D greenhouse, This was made from may parts like guttering etc i knew the name of guttering but other areas of the wooden frame i did not know the names of. So i ended up with many parts being called Cube001, Cube002 etc and thats no good. Another problem you will encounter when naming you items is that if you name objects Metalbox, Metalsword, Metalcoin etc you will end up with many items beginning with the word metal and you will have to look through many items until you get to the one you want. So if your items contain wood, metal,plastic etc its best to add this to the ending of each like: BoxMetal, CrateWood, or just go for Crate_01 Box-01 if you like. The standard for naming items is also to replace any spaces with “_” and to capitalise. Heres some examples of better naming:





blue wooden box.jpg


On with the lists


Styles of roofing;

Gable, Hip, Flat, Mansard



Sadle,Head Tube, Seat Tube