Updated: 25/05/2016

I created a simplistic robot character for this platform game and then thought “now I’ve got the hard part done i can move on to the easy bit, getting the character to move. How very very wrong i was. Firstly i followed a tutorial on you tube that lasted about 40 minutes. The actual time spent learning how to do this was more like 4-5 hours as you often have to keep pausing the videos and checking what went wrong. The left and right movement worked, but then i got stuck with getting the running animation to show up, so i left that for a few weeks. If you are stuck, don’t get too frustrated, leave it to one side for a while and then try again another time. The truth is i followed the tutorial exactly and my code was perfect, but the person who wrote the tutorial either left something out, clicked on something i didn’t see or there was some kind of glitch. Its quite surprising how many times, restarting the software can fix these glitches. But in this case it did not. Anyhow, when i came back to this problem, I started from the beginning and this time i decided to find a plugin that might help me. So i brought a plugin called Playmaker that is designed to simplify the process of games making. As a beginner it did the exact opposite it has complicated things ten fold. But that is not a complaint at all. Once i understand more about the programming side, I’m sure this plugin will indeed simplify things as there is no coding, which is wonderful. After another 4 or 5 hours following another tutorial i have finally got my character to stand still and then run when you press the left and right arrow keys. these Two tutorials i followed were only 2 of perhaps 10, and in total i think i have spent about 20 hours trying to get my character to move and play the right animations. So if you decide “I want to make a Game” please remember that you can not currently make a character and then just click a button the says: If the left arrow is pressed move the character left. That would be a beautiful thing to see in a games creation software. but currently it is very complex indeed, with many many steps in order to get your character to move around. So now my character moves left and right. There are still many problems with it, like when you let go of the left or right buttons the running pose still plays, so i may have to start all over again. I may have to start over many times until i get some kind of understanding of how to move a character around. As a beginner mostly all tutorials online seem to assume that i know what float, bool, int, parameters and many more words mean. I do not. The example below contains my Robot, The ground and falling, movable objets are from my rocks and gems pack that i am developing. I left them in the scene because I’m experimenting with how objects interact with the robot.

it is awkward and very basic but here it is: