Creating a character

Do I need to be able to draw?
Forget that, Lets learn to manipulate instead.

We are not going to be drawing in photoshop or another paint program we will be using vector graphics and the program we will be using for this will be the freely available Inkscape. because its free and also more user friendly than other programs i have used and that includes the ones with monthly fees.

To produce great graphics on a pc or mac we don’t have to be able to draw, instead we will be manipulating. Moving blocks and shapes around to form other shapes, using gradient fills to mimic lighting. experimenting with your shapes to see what you come up with. The 1st part of this tutorial starts with manipulation of objects and mimicking the ability to draw. Don’t get me wrong though I’m not saying it takes no skill at all, it does, but it is mostly about knowing what buttons and tools do what.

Our character will be quite basic: