Pick & Mix samples pack contents

After purchasing sample CD’s for myself in the past i have been determined not to produce the same awful quality samples that some of these companies have made in the past. Some samples were not only low quality but also had large gaps at the beginning or end, meaning i had to open them in audio editing software and crop them down myself. The only reason i can think of for doing this is greed. They want to produce these sample packs as quickly as possible and don’t care about the customer. So i was determined not to annoy people by doing that and produce high quality sounds with low or no noise and defiantly no gaps unless a looping sample like a clock would need such a gap. I also wanted to make sounds that would be useful not only for game creation but also video production and for that reason i have created a collection of sounds that are unique and also very descriptive, like if i capture a sound of a pencil dropping onto a table, i will tell you what that table is made of. A pencil dropping onto a glass table sounds very different to one being dropped onto a wooden one, and this is the reason for my descriptions being a little more than just “pencil drop”.

Green boxes will allow you to hear certain samples so you can see if you like the quality.

Wav file title


The sound of a tomato sauce bottle being squeezed slowly.

The Looping sound of a clock. it does not loop correctly in this player but does inside unity.

Telephone Touch Tone

Standard Touch Tone Telephone Sound.

Pen Click

That annoying sound you get when someone is clicking the top button of a pen.