Game samples pack

76 exclusive samples for your games. All the samples are 44100 Hz 16bit Wav files.

Test the quality for yourself:

Swiping sound for stick, sword or anything your character can swing around.

Great sounds for jumping. There are 6 springboard sounds in total.

Shaking dice example

Wav file titles



If your sending an item you’ve picked up to your inventory

Ball Bounce

A lovely deep and rich sound of a ball bounce

Beating metal X 2

If you character needs to make something out of metal, these beating metal sounds are perfect.


If your character is jumping on a mattress or just jumping, you have a few jump sounds here.

Buttons X 8

Clicking and menu selection sounds

Chopping wood X 2

Perfect sounds for chopping down trees and collecting wood.

Collection sounds X 10

10 collecting sounds, so when your character is collecting coins or other items you have plenty of sounds to go with that action.

Fighting X 13

Fighting sounds including: swipes, sword & shield, knives etc

Laser Shot

If your character has a laser gun, then you want a laser sound to go with it.


Its called Pod because i image it sounds like a pea pod loosing its peas, or some other kind of plant, perhaps releasing seeds or spores.


A sound that resembles the old retro pong machines, it may differ from what i recall, as it has been over 30 years since i heard it.


As well as the preview springboard sample you can hear at the top of the page, there are a few more to put a spring in the step of your player or enemy characters.

Thud Land X2

Landing sounds because a jump sound only gives you half the action.


If your character need to type on a keyboard to crack some code this sound is for that action

Transporter X 5

For when your character steps onto a teleportation device and ends up somewhere else

Traditional Games X 5

Not all games are jumping around and fighting, So there are a few sounds of card and dice games here