Robot Movies

This page contains only the movies I’ve seen and that i think are worth watching. I have also tried to only link movies that are Region 2 or Blu-Ray region B/2 so they can be watched in the UK but please make sure of that if you decide to purchase. If you do decide you would like to purchase one, click the image and that will take you to If you do…..Thank you for the commission, it all helps me to deliver free content.

My reviews are hardly reviews at all and mostly i am just trying to write something slightly humorous. Even more mostly, I want a review of these movies that does not rip them apart just because a little time has passed. Yes Short Circuit’s Johnny five looks awful now as an adult. But it still is a great movie for a younger audience no matter how much our own personal tastes have changed. Remember what you thought of the movies when you watched them as comparing them to movies that came out much later is futile.

Fritz Lang’s Masterwork made almost 100 years ago and still as influencial as ever, It has shaped so many sic-fi movies that came afterwards. The most annoying thing about this movie is not the movie itself but that the amazon image for it is not the same size as others.

This is one of the latest movies i have seen and If you don’t mind slower paced movies and you love robots (why else would you be here) then you may enjoy this movie. It is not a movie i would watch again, but i defiantly found it unique and interesting.

I found this move both technically amazing at the time and also quite moving. Pinocchio on Acid.

{Spoiler} No this is not a Movie about a robot who enjoys relationships with both men and women. It tells the story of Andrew, a Robot who outlives all his family and who eventually decided its good to die. i love this Movie but don’t like his stupid attitude to this subject. Many movies promote death being a good thing in this way and I’m not sure why that is.
What i found amazing about this movie is that i could not figure out how the three robot drones Huey, Dewey, and Louie moved around in real life, watch the movie first and then look into it yourself.
Westworld was made in 1973 and set in 1983 which was a huge jump in technological advancement in the imagination of the movie makers, But that said i did enjoy this as a child and did not get bored of it as quickly as i did with Westworld the T.V series made recently.
Didn’t think much of this when i 1st watched it and i am not sure why that is. Ive seen it maybe 4 or 5 times now and its a classic.
Cyborg cop is more factually a title. I saw this at the Cinema before i realised that i hated the fact that people can not go 2 hours without eating nachos or some other noisy food. I don’t go anymore because of that reason. People eat much worse than any pig.

I consider myself quite intelligent but at times i must be a little dim as i have watched this movie 3 times now and did not realise that the blue alien at the beginning was giving life to the earth. not understanding much of what this movie was about meant that i had to find that out online.

Adorable Movie and if you think it was too soppy then you must not have a heart, and thats ok because neither do robots. Wheres Wall-E?. He is in this movie.

This is not about illegal aliens that seem to be in fashion in the news lately but about the kind that come from other distant planets. I did and do enjoy this Movie but its got more of a commercial feel to it than the 1st movie and i would not be surprised if there are not action figures based on the characters. The 1st movie Alien changed all Scifi movies and had a real life feel to it that the followups and prequels have not had.
The best Alien movie that is in this list not because it contains Aliens but it contains a robot. I don’t know why the original cover is not used though. There is iconic and rubbish and i guess they decided to go with the latter.

I Enjoyed this Movie so much that i will have to watch the first 5.