Apr 6, 2016 |

This page contains movies I’ve seen, I could have filled the page with many many more but instead i decided only to include the ones i have seen and that i think are worth watching. The Star rating is just my own opinion so don’t get all angry if you disagree which seems to be how people are nowadays. The Movies that stir up your emotions have a little heart. If you decide you would like to purchase one, click the image and that will take you to If you do…..Thank you x

Metropolis {Image coming soon}

Fritz Lang’s Masterwork made almost 100 years ago and still as influencial as ever, I have no link currently because i am looking for the best available version. It gets 5 stars not because i found it enjoyable to watch, but because it has shaped so many sic-fi movies that came afterwards.

This is the latest movie i have seen and If you don’t mind slower paced movies and you love robots (why else would you be here) then you may enjoy this movie. It is not a movie i would watch again, but i defiantly found it unique and interesting.

I found this move both technically amazing at the time and also quite moving




What i found amazing about this movie is that i could not figure out how the three robot drones Huey, Dewey, and Louie moved around in real life, watch the movie first and then look into it yourself.