If your picking you nose or pulling your underwear out of your butt in the street, there are currently no artificial intelligence systems designed to call their friends over to watch and laugh at you. These personal activities are also not crimes so threrefore no A.I systems are interested in that. You may feel uneasy knowing that your are being seen on camera and some of you will talk about privacy issues, but if you are in a public place there is no such thing as privacy and i much prefer a world in which a computer rather than a human is watching me. These systems are not only designed to catch criminals and bad behaviour, they are increasingly being developed to protect you when you are outside of your home. In Japan a system like this was installed at Kyobashi train station, Osaka, because 60% of people who were being hit by trains were drunk. The system recognises drunkenness and alerts security people to this. It does not identify people and in the end it saves lives. I don’t drop litter and often walk a long way holding rubbish in my hand or pockets until i find a bin and i can not understand how dropping litter can be considered a private thing to do. I have also experienced many many times, people standing on the pavement in groups chatting, and almost 100% of the time this means i have had to walk in the road to get around them. It is always women over the age of 60 who seem to refuse to acknowledge your existence. I have a great respect for people of all ages, but when it comes to this one bad behaviour these people seem to be the only culprits. So what i would like to see is a system like the one used in Japan that could recognise this obstructive kind of loitering and perhaps play modern music to deter their bad behaviour.