Photo Sprites

Exclusive FREE Photo Sprites. Free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects. The only restriction is that you can not resell them or give them away individually or part of a collection. You do not have to credit Robotparts but if you do, Thanks!. For more information on copyright click here. To save, just right click over the images you want and choose: save image as. They can also be used as elements for menus, inventory items, popups etc. They can be used in 3D games as well as 2D. Maximum size is 128 pixels.

Donations are appreciated and will help create more free content.

Robot Parts

a metal and plastic component
a png speaker casing
a plastic white cog
a plastic black component png
a chrome component png
a wheel png
a nut transparent png
a speaker casing transparent png
a transparent png light cover
a transparent png robot eye
a transparent png screw
a transparent png speaker

Random Items

photo of a transparent png fossil
a transparent png image of a red pill
a transparent png clock
a brain png image
a transparent png of a teddy bear
a transparent png of a slice of ham
a transparent png of a wooden hand
a transparent png tomato slice
a transparent png chocolate
a transparent png red leaf
png Photo of a paint brush
a transparent png green leaf
Photo png of a clay jug
a transparent png Basketball
png Photo of a Golf ball
png photo of a Heart shaped Gem
png photo of a Heart shaped Gem
png photo of a Heart shaped Gem
Photo png of a kitchen knife
Photo png of a pair of clogs
Photo png of a pair of clogs