Blender tips and tricks.

How do i rotate around selection in blender

Goto File/ User Preferences / Interface tab / then tick the box “Rotate around Selection”
You may also want to tick the box “Zoom to mouse position” as this can also save you a lot of time moving around in the 3D view.


Hotkey Shift+W

When your in edit mode try this and move your mouse around the 3D view to see some interesting results. The warping is dependant on your mouse position.


You are in edit mode and have made a loop cut CTRL+R and now you decide that you want to move its position, in this case i want to move it up or down. Normally any repositioning would deform the mesh, see picture 2.

But if you press G and then press G again this deformation will stop. in my case i pressed GGZ

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