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Hello Human!
Robotparts main goal is the development of Robot related Games as well as supplying free resources for anyone to use in their own commercial and non commercial games or apps.

Animated Robot





Theres currently 1 asset avaliable at the Unity Assets store called Keypad, this i my 1st completed Unity project. i am also working on :

  • Shoot ‘Em Up Game
  • Platform Game
  • 3D Robot Game



The Keypad is Available for free at the Unity Asset store. It contains: soft buttons with editable numbers and a beep sound.

The yet to be titled Shoot ‘Em Up Game is still in the early stages, but if you want to make your own, you can follow my progression. Another yet to be titled project is a 2D platform game that I am also creating and finally I’m working on a 3D game that according to my calculations will take me about 320 years to complete.

FREE Content


Free Graphics


Contains :

Texture maps
Game Sprites
Seamless Tiles



Texture maps are useful if you are creating 3D objects but can also be used in a 2D project.
Game Sprites contains lots of png images.
Seamless Tiles useful for 2D background tiling.



Latest Sprites



2D sprites useful in making your own game.



There are currently only just over 100 Free sprites. They can be used as Game objects, Gui interface items or Inventory items.

  • Commercial use
  • Transparent PNGs
  • Max size 128







Snippets of useful information:

  • Unity game engine
  • CSharp scripting
  • Blender 3D
  • Divi






Printable Robot small



Print & Colour!




1 Avaliable at the moment here